AGM Live Stream


Webcasting AGMs is the best way to get more stakeholders to participate. By streaming it live online you save money and capture more audience. With advances in technology and bandwidth improvements you can now livestream in full HD and build in mechanisms that allow end users to interact and vote on important issues. With social media and mobile devices increasingly dominating internet traffic, event apps allow you to make your AGM live stream video suitable for phones and tablets and provide end users with instant feedback and interaction opportunities.


Importantly, webcasting AGMs is also a secure medium. Most platforms come with registration or password mechanisms to ensure that all information is made available to authorised viewers only.


Enable your executives to present from the location of their choice. Our managed remote virtual AGM service includes online presenter briefings and technical checks while phone audio via teleconferencing provides a highly stable back-up audio feed option. Our webcast engineers have produced hundreds of agm live stream services, we understand the challenges of organising an online event, whether it’s a small educational seminar or major international conference. We provide tailored solutions and take care of all the details to make it easier for you to concentrate on making your event a success.


We’ll tailor a complete solution whatever the type of event and size of audience. This can include one camera or multiple cameras, and vision mixers to fully capture the occasion. If PowerPoint is part of the presentation, we offer synchronised slides that match the streaming video. Here at Webcasting Australia, we always go above and beyond to ensure that you are provided with the utmost reliable and transparent AGM live stream services.


When it comes to agm live stream, your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – Webcasting. Contact us today for additional information on how you can get started.