CPD Events Services

Do you have a live business seminar, indie concert, or sporting event coming up that you want to grow in revenue and reach?

Revenue sharing can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, grow your database and increase your reach while hosting your next live stream or zoom event.

CPD Events is a revenue model that allows video content creators to earn money from the content they post online. It also offers event creators the means to offset event and content creation costs in the short term. In the long term, it also builds your brand, advertising interests and database for marketing.

Take your events to the next level in reach and revenue with pay-per-view.

Stream your events via live private telecast, multiply your audience size, invite viewers to watch your video archives, and even create advertising revenue.

Education courses, seminar producers, sports clubs, theatres and promoters can use this model to give subscribers, members, advertisers and the public access to specific content, promotions, memberships and websites.

Use Webcasting’s pay-per-view system to:

  • Grow your brand by developing your content channel.
  • Sell event packages, individual subscriptions and videos.
  • Create exclusive video content for subscribers
  • Create a global community
  • Upload video content and be ready for monetisation fast.
  • Build your video library.
  • Gain the interests of advertisers
  • Establish subscriber discounts and benefits.

Wondering how you could monetize your next event?

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Harness the Power of Technology to Educate Your Workforce

Create and Execute High-Quality Continuing Professional Development CPD Online Programs

Provide Your Employees the Opportunity to Learn and Grow through Tech-Driven Educational Activities.

CPD Events Management Features

Webcasting Australia– Enabling You to Take Control of Your CPD Event

We specialize in providing a full range of live streaming, virtual event broadcasting, and digital event management services. For almost 2 decades, our professionally adept team of experts has been serving a diverse range of clients in various sectors of the Australian Markets.

Adapting to the changing world scenarios, we see a growing need of moving away from face-to-face educational programs to online digital learning solutions.

Online Training and CPD Events – Changing the Way We Learn

Activities and events to ensure CPD or Continuous Professional Development is now a regulatory compulsion in most parts of the world. Even if they are not, such employee training events are necessary to empower your workforce with superior expertise in this fast-changing competitive environment.

Online CPD Events Taking Over In-Person Sessions

However, the financial costs of arranging face-to-face live training programs, workshops, and learning sessions are quite significant. Taking out time from busy work schedules to indulge in such activities is also a point of concern. To make sure attendance rates are high, budgets are reasonable and effectiveness is maximum, online sessions or webinars are the best alternatives.

Take Advantage of Our Fully Managed or Customized Digital CPD Event Services

We at Webcasting Australia provide you with the expertise, tech infrastructure, training, and skill set needed to make your CPD event a complete success.

Our team will help you plan, create and execute engaging and professionally advanced learning activities for your employees. We aim to assist you in engaging your workforce, clientele, or management members in online training webinars and workshops.

Enhance their abilities to excel in the corporate world by giving them uninterrupted access to live or recorded online training CPD events whenever and wherever they want.

Why Hire Webcasting Australia for Your Virtual CPD Events?

  1. Cost-Effective – Maximize Your Output with Minimum Input

Hiring us for your Virtual CPD Events can help bring down your training budget. We ensure to provide feature-rich, efficient, and interactive webinars that make it convenient to reachout and engage your target audience effectively.

  1. Channel Your Resources to the Right Direction

Webcasting Australia provides full-service online CPD tech assistance for different types and structures of training courses. Our fully managed webinars and recorded educational events enable you to optimize the use of your resources towards your primary goals.

  1. Capitalize on Global Expertise – Remote Learning Initiatives

Through advanced video-enabled computing devices, we enable you to engage global trainers for your in-house and remote employees. It is the most cost-efficient, reliable, and effective way of capitalizing on cross-border and long-distance value deliverance.

Webcasting Australia offers a wide range of live streaming and technology management services to different types of business entities and individuals.

Our CPD Events Management Services include

  • CPD Event Needs Assessment and Free Consultation
  • LMS or Learning Management System planforms
  • Planning and Program Creation
  • Fully Managed or Customized Webinars
  • Live Training Events and Workshops
  • Video On-Demand Production
  • Podcast Production
  • Teleconferencing Services
  • Web Conferencing Services
  • Video Conferences Services
  • Training of Presenters for Virtual Programs
  • Training of Employees for Virtual Programs.

 Take control of your digital rights management and make your content pay