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Transcend physical barriers to transform your business

At Webcasting, we pride ourselves in connecting people to make their workplace great. By transporting people across cities, countries and continents with lifelike video conferencing, we help businesses work smarter. We deliver world-class audio, web and video conferencing wherever you are, whenever you need it. That’s collaboration by Webcasting — collaboration without complication.

Amazing Audio and Video Quality

Unheard-of audio quality and natural, lifelike video turn your video conference into a true, face-to-face meeting.


Customer Obsessed

When you’re happy, we’re happy. When you’re not, we do everything possible to turn that frown upside down.

  • Ideal for Business.
  • Simple, secure, scalable, superior… The list goes on and on, and we check every box, for both the C-suite and the IT department.
  • In good company with good companies.
  • Webcasting connects the biggest names in tech, sports, entertainment, finance, education and everything in between.
  • Smarter devices for smarter collaboration.

Webcasting is a powerful video conferencing platform for meaningful meetings – whether you’re in the conference room, on the couch or somewhere in between. By connecting our innovative, easy-to-use HD cameras and touchscreen phones to our award-winning, cloud-based video conferencing service, you experience a meeting like no other. Our passion for amazing video conferencing runs deep. We did create the world’s first business-class, HD video conferencing solution, after all.

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