Medical Video Streaming

Faster connections and greater capacity are transforming the medical webcast, allowing real time live streaming of procedures and training. The ability to webstream high quality video and sound means that surgeons, GPs, nurses and other healthcare practitioners can conduct and/or participate in patient care at a distance.


In Australia, where distances are vast, a medical webcast will enable the delivery of care in a faster, more cost effective fashion. Advances in streaming technology now mean that high definition video information can be sent over the internet in real time, thus increasing accuracy of diagnosis and appropriateness of care.

  • Webcast surgical procedures
  • Conduct distance diagnosis
  • Provide distance consulting & counselling
  • Provide out-patient & follow up care
  • Conduct online training sessions
  • Create observation capacity
  • Create an online video platform

At Webcasting, we can partner with you for a one-off medical webcast or we can train you up to create your own live streaming events or video on demand service. Whether your patients are isolated or simply unable to travel, you can now deliver quality, timely care using our affordable, easy to operate streaming technology.

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