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Streaming Video On Demand

If you’re looking to provide video on demand, technology has finally caught up with your creativity.

With the advent of 4G broadband (and the roll out of high speed networks like Australia’s NBN) online video has come of age. Buffer wheels and dodgy quality are being replaced with high definition, real time streaming.

At Webcasting we provide a suite of video streaming services that will let you get the best out of your video on demand platform.
  • End-to-end production (scripting, shooting, post-production)
  • IPTV platforms (your own internet TV station)
  • Multi-bitrate streaming (to enable more flexible delivery options)
  • Mobile device streaming
  • Social media integration (Facebook streaming)
  • DRM (digital rights management)
  • Stats & tracking
  • Compliance verification
By making video content available on demand you open up a world of delivery options, whatever your message and whoever you target.
  • Training videos
  • Internal comms
  • Embargoed media releases
  • Pay-per view events
  • Subscription content
  • Original creative content (shows, films, etc)
  • Internet TV stations

As one of the most experienced video streaming services in the southern hemisphere, Webcasting can walk you through the A-Z of video on demand.

According to Google Statistics, a professionally produced web video can return the following benefits:
  • Increase sales conversions (up to 400%)
  • Decrease ´bounce´ rates (up to 28%)
  • Increase the average time on site from less than one minute to more than five minutes
  • 86% of site visitors stay to watch a streaming media presentation
As the internet becomes increasingly video friendly, traditional static websites will be transformed by video on demand content. Like this: At Webcasting we provide an end to end video production service – from concept development to final delivery.
  • Scripting
  • Voice over & on camera talent
  • Shooting
  • Full post-production (editing, music, formatting, etc)
  • Tailored streaming options
  • Mobile device streaming
  • IPTV platforms (your own internet TV channel)
  • Social media integration (Facebook streaming)
  • Stats & tracking

Posting a video on your website or Internet TV platform is a much more cost-effective way of advertising than either corporate DVDs or tradition media campaigns. It creates a memorable personality for your brand and helps explain your business in a simple, clear and visible way.

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