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Proven Technology and Skilled webcast engineers ensures your event a success every time!

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Webcasting is what we do!

Our name says it all: we do webcasting, and nothing else. This makes us unique in the Australia and New Zealand digital media and streaming market with webcast engineers skilled to handle your live webcast in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney or any other city where a perfect transmission online is essential. Webcasting has occupied a prominent and leading position in the Australian webcast market for quite a while. But we are active outside Australia too, where we are involved in a range of webcasting activities. In short: if it’s to do with webcasting, there are no limits to where we can go.

Webcasting makes sure that it works

The medium is subordinate to the message. For our clients, webcasting is a means of communication and they don’t want a lot of technical hassle. So we are here to take all that out of their hands. Whether it is an event webcast or implementing a webcast subscription, our Webcast engineer staff make sure that it works, so that the client can concentrate on the content of the message and focus on his core businesses.

Webcasting is a reliable partner
 with skilled webcast engineers

Webcasting excels in complex and business-critical assignments, which must always go without a hitch. Examples are a worldwide live webcast with many viewers, the presentation of the annual figures or a press conference. Since 2003 we have proved to be a reliable partner, for whom failure is not an option and confidentiality an absolute must. The proof is in the high level of customer satisfaction and our long-term relationships with our clients.

Webcasting puts ‘best end user experience’ central

Ultimately it is all about getting the client’s message across to the end user (analyst, journalist, doctor, specialist, citizen, employee or shareholder) without any interference. That is why the ‘best end user experience’ is central to everything we do. Thanks to the simple way our webcast player works and the excellent image and sound quality, we can guarantee that. Having the broadcast professionally directed can make a major contribution too.

Webcasting is at the technological forefront

Webcasting sets itself apart by being at the forefront of the technology used and having skilled webcast engineers in live webcasting industry. Our solutions for the capacity problems of our clients’ internal network, the extremely fast replay and our ‘black box’ are fine examples:
• If thousands of employees simultaneously watch a broadcast live on their desktop, the internal network can quickly become overloaded. Webcasting has developed practical methods that allow a large number of employees to watch a video webcast, live too, through the company’s own internal network.
• Webcasting is able within just a few minutes of making a webcast to make it available to the viewers. All this has huge advantages for the webcast’s user friendliness and topicality.
• A good example of our user-friendly technology platform is the ‘black box’ which is connected through a subscription to our online Webcast Management System. This ‘plug & play’ allows the clients themselves to make their own live webcast.

Webcasting lets you choose

The high level of standardisation of our webcast technology enables us to provide a flexible service. For example, we can organize the webcast for the client from start to finish, but we also offer solutions to allow organizations to make their own webcasts without further intervention by Webcasting. Intermediate forms are naturally also possible. And thanks to the clear and simple price structure, the client always knows exactly where he stands.

Among our major clients you will find the Kangan Batman Tafe, Supreme Court of Victoria and other local governments, as well as many public agencies and companies all over Australia. .

Our dedication to research and development ensures Webcasting will remain the pioneers of Internet Webcasting and Streaming technology.

Customer Testimonial

Real Estate Institute of Victoria

We used Webcasting to produce a VidCast for our quarterly Median House Price release. The VidCast was then used to market our median prices to the real estate industry, the media and consumers via our website . The quality of the VidCast was excellent and the ability to include slides with graphs to compliment the video was very impressive. There was a very tight lead time in delivering the product to the market, but nothing was too hard for Webcasting.

Petra Sprekos – REIV Marketing Department.

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