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An effective enterprise video streaming program improves employee communication, boosts overall engagement, increases your organization’s training opportunities, and positively impacts employee performance. To reap those benefits, you need a solid enterprise video strategy and reliable support. Kollective’s video streaming services and live event support ensure that your organization’s video program delivers the results you want.


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Engagement Strategy

No matter what the reason for your live event, we can help you use video effectively to accomplish any of your strategic goals.

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Live Event Best Practices

Take it from us, we have done thousands of these, we will teach industry best practices and help you execute a successful live event.


Video Content Strategy

Great events are dependent on great content. Our team of veteran production professionals can help with ideation and content strategy.


Analytics and Insights

We’ll tell you what insights to look for and how to take action. We work with you to set goals and achieve them.


Our live video event services provide real-time support for your livestream events from start to finish. Our live video streaming experts help you assess everything necessary to produce a successful live event. We also offer remote or on-site support during the event, and a performance summary after, including analytics and recommendations for future livestreams.


Let our industry professionals guide you to live event success.

Embracing the Transformative Power of Enterprise Video

Businesses today often face communication challenges due to a growing number of office locations and dispersed employees. Video is the key element that helps align and unify such a distributed workforce. It has the capacity to be both visual and interactive.
Companies have increasingly sought out a consumer-influenced video portal (a la “YouTube for the Enterprise”) that offers all of the engaging features and functionality employees expect, but with enterprise-grade security and control. Enterprise portals serve as both a hub for experiencing corporate-produced videos for distilling information company-wide, as well as a center for employees to further engage with corporate content and other employees.

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Nestlé selected Kontiki to educate 140,000 employees worldwide using video.

Today, it is used to give Nestlé employees a voice, enabling internal communication and collaboration with no impact on the network.

Nestlé is the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. With headquarters in Switzerland, Nestlé has offices, factories and research and development centres worldwide.
Prior to 2011, Nestlé distributed educational video content directly to employees via streaming servers in its data centres. The limitations of this approach meant reaching remote employees in difficult locations was almost impossible.
Various work-around solutions were tried such as posting DVDs to each location and asking employees to gather in rooms to watch content together on a big screen, but they were not satisfactory and reaching every employee was never truly achieved.

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High Quality, Network Efficient Video Delivery

Nestlé started using Kontiki’s VideoCentre to distribute video content to all employees. Then in November 2011, Nestlé used Kontiki to successfully broadcast its internal business awards event live to all employees, at a high quality and with no impact on the network.
Frederic Ballara, Nestlé Network Architect comments: “From a technical point of view, I have no complaints. The peer-to-peer approach is very effective and efficient. We are now reaching the point where 80% of our content is peer-to-peer.”
“It is very network friendly. We are able to reach every user in remote locations without investing in hardware. I am not aware of any sites that have needed to be upgraded to accommodate Kontiki.”
“Since deploying Kontiki, I have touched the settings on the client once in four years. From a network point of view, I don’t hear about it, which means it’s the perfect solution. One of the best we have.”

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