Webcasting Australia


At Webcasting we have always been at the forefront of live stream technologies and are determined to stay there; this means we are well prepared to eliminate common problems and provide better, speedier and cheaper services. We comprehend very well how to solve any capacity problems in your internal network. If thousands of employees watch a broadcast live on their desktops your network can quickly become overloaded, but Webcasting Australia has developed techniques that allow you to do this without causing wider network problems.


Webcasting Australia and live streaming is now easier, more affordable, more secure and more reliable than it has ever been. Portable streaming technology like MiniCaster allows you to stream remote events live and in full HD. We perpetually pioneer in the field of live streaming as it is our passion to administer leading streaming services to all our clients at equitable pricing.




1.Increased audience (and potential sales)

2.Mobile device streaming (eg: iPad streaming)

3.Social media integration (eg: Facebook streaming)

4.Effective digital rights management

5.Database capture & stats


No matter what form a live stream takes, it is ultimately all about getting your message across to an end-user – whether that be the public, shareholders, journalists, or analysts – without any problems getting in the way. That’s why user experience is central to our work. With our user-friendly webcast player and high definition sound and vision we guarantee it. We also help by supplying professional event and broadcast directors, the kind of expertise that guarantees quality. Contact us today for more information regarding our Webcasting Australia services and speak to a lovely member of staff.