Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Elevate Your Corporate Communications with Premium Webcasting


In the realm of publicly listed companies, major corporations, and the bustling business community at large, effective messaging is paramount. Whether it involves an Annual General Meeting (AGM), strategic media communication, or comprehensive staff training, the power of online video streaming emerges as a cost-effective and pragmatic solution.

Empowering Corporate Messaging

As a trailblazing corporate webcasting service provider in Australia/New Zealand, Webcasting orchestrates the seamless delivery of your online video stream, whether in real time or on demand – all showcased in high definition brilliance.

Unveiling the Merits of Corporate Webcasts

Webcasts offer an array of compelling advantages:

  • Augmented Audience Outreach (embracing a wider spectrum of viewers)
  • Versatile Delivery Modes (empowering access at any time, from any place)
  • Cost-Efficiency (reducing financial burdens)
  • Inclusivity (embracing isolated or mobility-constrained viewers)
  • Compliance Ease (enabling seamless tracking of views)
  • Dynamic Social Media Fusion (facilitating instant engagement and interaction)
  • Amplified Revenue Potential
  • Enhanced Environmental Sustainability (by minimising carbon footprint)

Your Corporate Vision, Amplified


Webcasting caters to a diverse range of streaming needs, encompassing everything from crucial board meetings to high-profile worldwide product launches. Our dedication doesn’t end with immediate streaming services – we empower you with the skills to wield the latest user-friendly technology independently.

Our array of streaming services includes:

  • Impeccable Production (capturing your video content)
  • Comprehensive Captioning (ensuring access for all)
  • Seamless Integration of Supplementary Material (such as Powerpoint presentations)
  • Flawless Mobile Device Streaming (encompassing iPads, smartphones, etc.)
  • Seamless Social Media Synergy (including Facebook streaming)
  • Tailored IPTV Platforms (dedicated online video channels)
  • Comprehensive Stats & Tracking (ideal for compliance supervision)
  • Pay-Per-View Streaming
  • Event Apps
  • Post-Production Services (for comprehensive video-on-demand experiences)

At Webcasting, we don’t just facilitate corporate messaging – we elevate it to a realm of efficiency and impact, all while empowering you with the tools to become a self-reliant streaming maestro.