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What Is Livestreaming?

Live streaming is a technology that allows real-time streaming of audio and video over the internet. It’s becoming increasingly popular as a way to broadcast events, such as conferences, seminars, and concerts. This technology allows for near-instantaneous playback of live broadcasts with minimal latency.

At Webcasting Livestream, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality live streaming services that emulate the feel of live television shows. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a versatile range of cameras, we meticulously capture every angle and nuance of your event, ensuring a captivating and engaging experience for your viewers. Our dedicated production team expertly orchestrates seamless transitions between cameras, leaving no moment or detail unattended. Prior to the event, we invest time in understanding your expectations and vision, reviewing run sheets and event sequences to tailor our approach. Our commitment to thorough planning and coordinated action guarantees a helpful and professional partnership, ultimately elevating your live-streaming experience.

What Is Live Streaming & Webcasting?

Service Reliability

With a team of highly trained and technically advanced experts, we ensure the highest level of reliability. Speed, time and Affordability is our priority.

How It Works

Efficient and Professional

Our internet team will reach the venue well before time to set up the equipment. We make sure to avoid any interference with your event activities.

Wide-Ranging Services

Our service packages are inclusive of all the basic requirements. No need to worry about anything. We take care of everything from planning to live streaming.

Advanced Equipment

We use the latest and technologically advanced equipment and hardware to ensure premium quality audio and video outputs without any hassles or delays.

Great Value for Your Money

We offer a money-back guarantee to all our clients for a high level of service confidence and improved customer satisfaction. No need to worry. Your internet is in the safest hands.

Crew & Equipment

Our Basic Livestreaming Kit Is Inclusive Of….

  • Innovative Livestreaming Studio with customized features and effective portability
  • 3 – 5 highly advanced cameras
  • Tripods, Backup Batteries, Wireless Transmitters
  • Camera Stabilizers
  • 3 – 4 Wireless Microphones
  • 3 – 4 Lavier Microphones
  • 2 Shotgun Microphones
  • Stands
  • Diverse Internet Linkages (Optus and Telstra 4G and 5G)
  • Allied equipment and supplies like cables and connectors
  • A high-resolution display screen for interactive live streaming.

Based on your event requirements and specifications, we provide customized service packages and provide extra equipment and hardware where necessary.

Our Expert Team Comprises Of…

Producer:- Every team includes a producer controlling the live-streaming. The production desk is stationed at the rear of the event venue. It is effectively placed to ensure the highest levels of coordination between the team members.

Camera Operator:- No live streaming activity can be complete without skilled camera operators. Working on both fixed as well as mobile cameras, the number of operators depends upon your event size and live streaming requirements.

Audio Engineer:- Every event that has live performances and music, needs an audio engineer for taking care of the technical details of audio outputs. He is responsible for all the basic audio tasks including acoustic settings, mics, back up, and live mixing.

Production Assistant:-For big events, our team also includes production assistance for efficient coordination, effective equipment set up, smooth changeovers, and other allied activities.

Power Redundancy

For the first time, we’re also bringing power backup into our arsenal in the form of the sophisticated Ecoflow unit and backup generators for outdoor events like sporting events, etc
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We’re proud to be rolling out our all-new OTT TV platform via Apple TV and Android TV OTT – TVCLOUD allows you to take your brand to the next level, giving you the chance to launch your own professionally branded TV and mobile apps. With TVCLOUD, you will be able to create a ‘Netflix-like’ platform for your customers and followers so they can access all of your media in one easy-to-use service.

Remote Presenters & Hybrid Events

Remote Connectivity For Long Distance Speakers And Presenters

Our innovative and state-of-the-art teleconferencing and two-way streaming services help remote speakers and presenters to participate in an event from anywhere in the world.
Who is it For….

  • People who want to say a few words on weddings ceremonies they are unable to attend in person
  • Managers and employees giving presentations from distant areas and remote locations
  • Guest speakers from any part of the world, presenting in conferences, forums, and interactive sessions
  • People required to vote on various issues from remote or distant locations.

Projectors, High-Resolution Displays, and Video on Walls

We ensure that you are visible to all.

To help enhance the visual quality and effectiveness of your live stream we offer a wide range of display options on big screens and walls.

  • 70-inch high-definition television with height adjustment options and audio speakers.
  • Portable 42 inch high definition television
  • 100-inch projector screen
  • Huge-sized video walls made from high-definition LEDs. The sizes are tailored based on your requirements.
  • We also utilize in-house display options of the venue.

Livestreaming With Diverse Formats (Hybrid Events)

We offer the choice of allowing two-way streaming options to your selected presenters and speakers while the rest of the audience has viewing options only.

You have the liberty to choose who you want to give two-way streaming access to and who you want to restrict to the audience only status.

Using assorted or mixed-format options, you are provided two separate links for separate groups of people.

One option is standards one-way streaming

Second option is customized two way streaming.


You Are Our No.1 Viewer Always

We Do Live Streaming Like Live Television Shows.

Utilizing the latest technology equipment and multiple cameras, we make sure to capture every angle and aspect of the event. The production team effectively directs switching between cameras to leave no area uncovered.

With prior discussions and insight into the event documents like run sheets, and sequence of event we do organized planning before time. Coordination and production activities are initiated using according to the information provided.

Highly Advanced Shooting Equipment

We Use The Best And Latest Technologically Advanced Cameras Ideal For Shooting High-Definition Hollywood Movies.

We use Black Magic Design. It is undoubtedly the most renowned and trusted brand of shooting equipment in the movie-making industry of the world.Any professional and expert videographer can vow for its excellent quality and superb results.

All The Latest Gadgetries And Devices

We make sure that your live stream is of top-notch quality. Using the best cameras with the most effective accessories we capture the most professional and cinematically superior shots of your event. Using innovative gadgets and accessories like drones, stabilizers and gimbals, we strive to make your event live stream a masterpiece of art.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the very latest BMD TV Studio and 4K cameras for extremely high production quality for both Live events and recorded events

Audio & Microphones

Highest Quality Audio Outputs

Using an extensive range of microphones and audio equipment, we ensure that everyone hears what your speakers say. Whether it is live music, a wedding ceremony, conferences, or discussion forums, the idea is to make your live stream close to being there in person.

With the most advanced and premium quality audio equipment and devices, we leave no sound unheard at your event.

Assessing your requirements and needs prior to the event, we make sure to plan and bring every essential piece of audio equipment with us to the event.

All our gadgets and devices are manufactured by internationally renowned and reliable audio equipment brands like Rode and Sennheiser.

We Use Invisible Microphones

To make your live stream innovative, realistic, and convincing, we use advanced techniques and tactics to conceal microphones at various places. With proper placement and positioning, we ensure capturing crystal clear and high-quality audio input without any distractions for the viewers.

We have small-sized mini transmitters that can be camouflaged in your dress or outfit without being conspicuous to the viewer.

Connecting With The Scheme

We ensure an uninterrupted and smooth connection with your available system no matter what format or make.

Many venues today offer their own audio and PA systems. We have the expertise and accessories to connect our set-up with these systems and capture your audio effectively.

Specialized Microphones

We offer a wide range of specialized microphones tailored to capture different types of audio input including music, speeches, talks, and much more. With our handheld, shotgun, and vocal-powered audio equipment, we cover all types of audio requirements that you provide before the event.

For live performances by musical bands, we have connectivity expertise and provision with amplifiers, musical instruments, and other audio mixing equipment that they might be using.

Internet & Bonding

Connecting You With The Internet

We Bring The Power Of Connectivity At Your Doorstep. Every Event Becomes Internet-Enabled.

The equipment is innovative and advanced. It only requires our expertise and you are good to go!

With our expertise and advanced equipment, you are ready to live stream your event to the world.

We ensure to provide you with the most efficient and high-speed internet connections using reliable carriers like Optus and Telstra.

Through bonded linkages, we make sure that your live stream remains free from unnecessary interruptions and runs smoothly even in the case of temporary outages by any one of the carriers.

If Your Venue Has Internet, We Will Make Full Use

Most event venues today are equipped with WiFi connectivity. In such cases, we make sure to include this connection in our linkages of carrier diversity to enhance our backup support and contingency planning.

When our expert team reaches the venue, it will do a test run on the venue’s internet connection and if it is up to par, we make sure to add it in our bonded linkages. The key is to enhance speed and improve reliability.

Satellite Internet

SpaceX’s Starlink Australia is a global high-speed internet delivery system based on satellite technology. It is being geared towards remote and regional parts of Australia where internet access has proven difficult.

Moderated Q & A

Moderation allows you to review the questions submitted by the participants before they appear live for everyone to see. You can turn it on in the Audience Q&A tab by clicking Turn on moderation. Incoming questions can be reviewed in the For review section. All approved questions are in the Live section.

Live Polling

Run interactive presentations and meetings with a top-rated live polling tool.

Live Closed Captioning

Live web captioning is commonly utilised by those with hearing problems although anyone can use it if they choose.

Increasingly, closed captioning is becoming compulsory for government, education and healthcare providers as equality of access rules and compliance guidelines tighten. Private sector organisations with similar compliance issues and legal requirements (such as Listed companies ) are also incorporating live web captioning as a standard part of any livestream event.

Captions may include more than simply what is spoken but also indicate other important information, such as sounds. In addition, live closed captioning can also be delivered in the language of your choice.

Whatever your live captioning requirements, Webcasting can incorporate them into either your live video streaming event or any video on demand content you make available.

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