Education & Training


Revolutionise Learning with Webcasting Classes


In the realm of education, the potential for transformative change through webcasting classes is boundless. Imagine conducting training sessions over the internet, curbing costs, optimising time utilisation, addressing compliance concerns, and unlocking revenue streams. Regardless of the perspective, online professional development and student training revolutionise course delivery, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Seamless Learning Transformation

As a distinguished streaming services provider in Australia/New Zealand, Webcasting can actualise your vision of online training – practical, affordable, and imbued with high definition. Whether your video streaming session unfolds live or on demand, we are poised to assist you in crafting and executing impactful education webcasts.

A Spectrum of Advantages for Education

The merits of webcasting classes are multifaceted, including:

  • Amplified Audience Reach (encompassing more students than a conventional classroom could)
  • Versatile Delivery Options (enabling access anytime, anywhere)
  • Cost-Efficiency (video content’s reusable nature)
  • Inclusivity (serving isolated or mobility-challenged viewers)
  • Compliance Facilitation (tracking views for accountability)
  • Seamless Social Media Integration (fostering instantaneous feedback and interaction)
  • Augmented Revenue Potential

Empowering Educational Excellence

Webcasting extends its expertise to various streaming services, spanning from individual sessions to comprehensive online video training courses. We not only facilitate your immediate streaming needs but also empower you with the proficiency to utilise the latest user-friendly technology independently.

Our streaming services encompass:

  • Professional Production (capturing your video)
  • Comprehensive Captioning
  • Harmonious Integration of Supplementary Material (such as Powerpoint presentations)
  • Seamless Mobile Device Streaming (including iPads, smartphones, etc.)
  • Social Media Blending (including Facebook streaming)
  • Tailored IPTV Platforms (dedicated online trained channels)
  • Thorough Stats & Tracking (ideal for compliance oversight)
  • Pay-Per-View Streaming
  • Event Apps
  • Post-Production Services (catering to video-on-demand)

Thus, whether you represent a school, college, Registered Training Organization (RTO), workplace training institution, or a company seeking to engage staff and students, webcasting classes ease your responsibilities and infuse your lessons with intrigue.