Government & Public Sector Webcasting

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Empowering the Public Sector Through Webcasting Services


Within the realm of public sector service providers, a multitude of messages awaits dissemination. Whether it’s the annual conference, a local council assembly, or imperative staff training, webcasting emerges as a cost-effective, pragmatic solution to fulfil these communication needs.

As a seasoned streaming service provider in Australia/New Zealand, Webcasting is primed to deliver your online video stream, whether live or on demand, all in stunning high definition.

Catalysing Government Communication

Webcasting unlocks a plethora of advantages, including:

  • Amplified Audience Reach
  • Versatile Delivery Alternatives
  • Cost Savings
  • Inclusivity (particularly for isolated or mobility-restricted viewers)
  • Compliance Simplification (with traceable views)
  • Seamless Social Media Integration (prompting instantaneous feedback and interaction)
  • Elevated Revenue Opportunities
  • Diminished Carbon Footprint

Crucially, webcasting guarantees security. Our platforms often incorporate registration or password mechanisms, safeguarding information solely for authorised viewers.

Webcasting Versatility


At Webcasting, we facilitate an array of streaming services, spanning from single training sessions to comprehensive national conferences. Moreover, we equip you with the latest user-friendly technology, enabling independent content creation and streaming, minimising the need for ongoing assistance.

Our streaming services encompass:

  • Professional Production (capturing your video)
  • Inclusive Captioning (ensuring equal access)
  • Seamless Integration of Supplementary Material (such as Powerpoint presentations)
  • Mobile Device Streaming (ideal for iPads, smartphones, etc.)
  • Harmonious Social Media Blending (including Facebook streaming)
  • Tailored IPTV Platforms (your dedicated online video channel)
  • Comprehensive Stats & Tracking (an asset for compliance oversight)
  • Pay-Per-View Streaming
  • Event Apps
  • Post-Production Services (catering to video-on-demand)

Whether you represent a department, agency, frontline service provider, or local council seeking to connect with constituents, stakeholders, or personnel, webcasting simplifies your mission substantially.