Live Streaming Your On Location Events

Broadcast Your Event With The Best Of Australia’s Live Events Streaming Services

We provide single and multi-camera live streaming services on location, for live events anywhere in Australia.

20 years experience | 4K broadcast quality equipment | Local film crews | Your own dedicated Webcast Engineer | Rock solid reliability & security | 100% uptime guarantee |

  • Virtual corporate events & shareholder meetings
  • Virtual press conferences
  • Owners Corporation AGMs
  • Online industry training & accreditations
  • Virtual conferences
  • Virtual corporate events & shareholder meetings
  • Virtual press conferences
  • Owners Corporation AGMs
  • Online industry training & accreditations
  • Virtual conferences
Pay Per View,

20 Years Experience

Live Events,

4K broadcast quality equipment

Event Filming,

Local film crews

Your own dedicated Webcast Engineer

Rock solid reliability & security

100% Uptime Guarantee

20 Years Experience In Streaming Live Events, On-Location

After nearly two decades in online broadcasting, we know what it takes to livestream the perfect live event, with zero downtime, come rail, hail or shine!

  • Fashion shows
  • Live music concerts
  • Church and worship services
  • Theatrical productions
  • Sporting events
  • Live press conferences
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Medical demonstrations
  • Sales Conferences
  • Pay Per View Live Event Streaming

Your film crew or ours? We have local livestreaming film crews based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. So whether your live event is indoors, outdoors, urban, suburban or rural, we can ensure you receive a broadcast quality stream, that can be sent anywhere in the world, in real time. Every time.

Trusted by governments, industry groups and institutions that need innovative
online broadcasting solutions with rock solid reliability.

Because when it’s live, there are no do-overs

If the last 20 years have taught us anything it’s that no live event ever runs perfectly to plan. And, when it comes to live-streaming, there are a number of challenges that inevitably crop up, from venue connectivity issues and unexpected network congestion, right through to software crashes, power outages, and last minute presenter tech dramas. We’ve dealt with it all.

We prepare for the worst to ensure you get the best.

The good news is that we’ve never had a livestream fail in 20 years. We have developed a range of processes and technical redundancies to overcome any and all live event streaming challenges. And the GREAT news is that we put our money where our mouth is thanks to our 100% uptime guarantee… or your money back!

Remember, you only have one shot at getting it right, so don’t leave your livestream to chance. Partner with Australia’s most experienced livestreaming production company.

Contact Webcasting for a broadcast-quality livestream event. With 100% uptime. Every time.

The Future Of Events: Live Event Streaming And Virtual Event Production

This year’s events are going to be LIT! Take your conferences, trade shows, and product launches to the next stratosphere with the incredible power of virtual event production and live event streaming—reach more people than ever before and skyrocket brand awareness!

Why Choose A Virtual Event Production Agency For The Next Event?

Level up your event game and take it to the next level with us, your virtual event agency! We’ll help you create customised and cost-effective live streaming that will reach a wider audience than ever before. Leave the technology to us – the geeky ones – and you can focus on the fun!

Maximise Your Event Reach With Live Event Streaming And Virtual Event Production

Host an unforgettable live event streaming and broadcast it to a global audience in real-time. With our virtual event production experts in the live streaming industry, we can help you create a truly remarkable event.

Virtual Event Production Agency: Experts In Creating Memorable Virtual Experiences

We are a virtual events agency in Australia with almost 20 years of experience in live event streaming that can provide expert consultation to create a memorable virtual event in Australia that satisfies the unique needs of your audience.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Local Virtual Event Production Agency In Australia

  • Expertise in your specific event.
  • High-quality live streaming that meets your specific requirements for virtual events in Australia.
  • Efficient technical support before, during, and after your event.

Virtual Event Production: Bringing Your Vision To Life

Contact us today to see how we can help create a professional live event streaming in Australia for you.

Live Event Streaming & Virtual Event Agency In Australia FAQs


How much do event live streaming services cost?

The cost of event live streaming services can vary depending on the services you choose and the type of event. For more information on pricing, please contact us.

Where does Webcasting offer virtual events services in Australia?

We have streaming film crews based in various Australian cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, allowing us to provide broadcast quality streaming for any type of live event.