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Announce yourself to the worldwide media by doing a live webcast of your next press conference.

As media outlets shift their focus from traditional physical products and ways of news gathering, the online environment has become critical for companies and communicators wishing to grow their profile or make big splash announcements. Whether it’s a product launch, policy announcement or damage limitation exercise, webcasting press conferences create the opportunity for wider reach and better penetration.

Recent advances in technology and bandwidth improvements mean that you can now stream HD video live anywhere, anytime. The key benefits of webcasting press conferences include:

  • Increased audience capacity (more journalists, more outlets than can fit in a room)
  • Increased convenience (for busy journalists with tight deadlines)
  • Greater control of audio/visual output
  • Easier vetting of questions
  • Accurate & instant stats & tracking (so you know who’s tuning in)
  • Mobile device streaming (smartphones, iPads, etc)
  • Greater social media integration (allowing instant feedback & interaction)
  • Facebook streaming
  • Easy re-broadcast options

As one of the media savvy streaming service providers in the business, Webcasting can help you stream your press conference live to a far greater range of media outlets previously practicable. Our end-to-end webcast options include:

  • Multi camera shoots
  • Multimedia integration (Powerpoint slides, video, etc)
  • Multi-bitrate streaming (enabling more devices & more viewers to access your stream)
  • Video On Demand re-streaming platforms
  • Full HD quality
  • Event apps

Generate more media interest webcasting press conferences and take control of your message.

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