Product launches

Product Launches

Experience the Evolution: Unveil Your Products with Impact through Live Webcasting Services

Gone are the days when online product launches were exclusive to the mega-rich. With advancements in technology and enhanced bandwidth capabilities, the realm of webcasting services allows you to take centre stage, broadcasting your new product or seasonal range in full HD to a global audience of potential buyers.

As the retail landscape shifts from physical spaces to the digital realm, and customers increasingly embrace online purchasing, introducing your product via the world’s most expansive and interactive shop window becomes not just logical, but lucrative.

With social media and mobile devices dominating internet traffic, options like Facebook streaming and event apps pave the way for an online video stream tailored to phones and tablets, fostering instant feedback, interaction, and seamless buying opportunities.

Embrace the Profound Benefits of Online Product Launches:


  • Amplified Audience Reach: Reach beyond venue limitations, accommodating a wider audience.
  • Equalised Access: Render distance, isolation, and disability concerns obsolete, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Reduced Costs: Diminish travel and accommodation expenses for potential buyers.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Minimise your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener environment.
  • Revenue Potential: Harness pay gate platforms for increased revenue streams.
  • Database Building: Cultivate a valuable customer database for future engagement.
  • Accurate Analytics: Obtain real-time insights into viewership for strategic marketing.
  • Mobile Device Accessibility: Cater to streaming on smartphones, iPads, and similar devices.
  • Robust Social Media Engagement: Foster instant feedback and interaction, with a focus on Facebook streaming.

As one of the most seasoned streaming service providers in the southern hemisphere, Webcasting is poised to elevate your product launch to an expansive audience

Our comprehensive end-to-end live streaming service options encompass:


  • Multi-Camera Excellence: Present your product from various angles for comprehensive coverage.
  • Seamless Multimedia Integration: Integrate multimedia elements such as Powerpoint slides and videos.
  • Optimised Multi-Bitrate Streaming: Enable diverse devices and viewers to access your stream with varied streaming quality.
  • IPTV Integration: Establish your own internet TV channel for video on-demand streaming.
  • Full HD Quality: Deliver an immersive visual experience with superior quality.
  • Event Apps: Enhance viewer engagement and participation.


Extend your product’s reach, capturing the widest possible audience through online product launches. Forge new paths to market your ideas with a global impact, surpassing the limitations of traditional ‘geographically’ fixed launch events.